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मानाचे पाच गणपती

Since its introduction the Ganesh Festival of Pune has gone through enormous changes since 1893.When Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak first started this Festival to unite the people against the British rule the boundaries of the city were not as huge as they are now.Then it was comparatively a small city with limited area inhabited. Lokmanya Tilak recognized only 5 Ganapati Mandals which would be accessible to the locals near each of these Mandals(Organizations).Later when various other Mandals emerged the ones recognized by Lokmanya Tilak were given the honour to be called as the First Five or “Manache Panch”(Five with the highest honour).These are as following :

  1. Kasaba Ganapati ( (श्री कसबा गणपती)

  2. Shree Tambadi Jogeshwari Mandal ( (श्री तांबडी जोगेश्वरी सार्वजनिक गणेशोस्तव मंडळ )

  3. Guruji Talim Mandal (गुरुजी तालीम मंडळ)

  4. Shree Tulshibag Mandal (तुळशीबाग मंडळ)

  5. Kesari Wada Mandal (केसरीवाडा  मंडळ)

Locate “Manache 5 Ganpati